The Reluctant Genealogist – Severance Magazine

An article I’ve written, a micro-memoir, appears in Severance Magazine, which features stories and essays about people who are on a similar journey as mine.   The story I tell is of my family history journey, which includes the history of mental illness in my family. It is also about finding out that my grandfather wasn’t Mom’s biological father, finding out who was, and pondering whether Mom knew. Severance Magazine is the perfect place for my story. I hope you will read the article I wrote and then explore the other content.

2 thoughts on “The Reluctant Genealogist – Severance Magazine”

  1. Very interesting account of your genealogical research and your family discoveries. I, too, am on the road of discovering who my family really was. I was alerted to your story via Genealogy Gems podcast. Thanks again!

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