Genealogy Gems

I was honored to be interviewed by Lisa Louise Cooke for her podcast, Genealogy Gems.  Lisa is well-known and respected in the field of genealogy.  She travels widely, speaking and teaching at conferences and genealogy societies.  Her free podcast is downloaded an average of 35,000 times per month.

The episode in which I was featured pulled stories from this blog, and wove them into a fascinating story of a part of my family’s history.  I was surprised and moved that Lisa chose to devote an entire hour to it.  It is not only informative from a genealogical point of view, but Lisa turned it into an entertaining narrative.  I hope you will take time to listen to it, or at least read the summary in the show notes.  Both are available via the link below.

Cooke, Lisa Louise, narrator. “Pulling Teeth.” Genealogy Gems, episode 219, featuring Julianne Mangin, July 11, 2018.